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Nike, along with Lebron James, have made baller bands famous. Now you can make your own name famous with your own custom baller bands! These durable, bright, eye-catching wristbands are perfect for showing your spirit!

Don’t know what a “baller band” is?

It’s a wristband anyone can wear to show where your passion lies.
Nike used baller bands to promote “Just Do It!”
Lebron James uses them to promote his Lebron James Family Foundation with his “I PROMISE” baller bands.
Numerous organizations, teams and foundations have used baller bands as a way to get their message across. Made of long-lasting, medical grade silicone, you can get baller bands with your artwork debossed for that subtle style or filled with ink for a bigger bang.

Why should you care?

Do you have something you are passionate about that you want to promote?

Baller bands are perfect for promoting teams, slogans, mottos, bands and companies. Especially popular in sports and music, these bands are ideal as an item most people can afford to be able to be part of your movement. With one band, you can find camaraderie with other members of your tribe. They are also fantastic as swag bag items for your conference, festival or event. Really, they are great for saying basically whatever it is you want to get out there for the world to see and hear.

Ready to get your point across without saying a word? Let us help you create your own custom baller bands!

Head over to our custom wristband section here to get your custom baller bands going. Our dedicated creative team are ready and waiting to help make your idea a reality. You can shout your message on a thick 1 inch band or stick with a more traditional style and get the 1/2 inch bands. The bands are available in a variety of colors and types, including glow-in-the-dark and swirl.

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