Lapel Pins

“You get a pin! You get a pin! Everyone gets a pin!”

Want to commemorate your employees 10 year service to your company? There’s a lapel pin for that.
Need pins for your kids’ sports ceremony? We can make pins for that.
Starting up a business and want your designs on something that’s easy to hand out? *Psst* Guess what? We can make those pins too!

The only limitation is your imagination. …and the manufacturing limitations of the actual product, of course. But we’ll leave that part to our artists.

Die Struck

Simple and classy.

This pin has no color added, just the classic metal raised and textured to add dimension. The die is in the shape and design of your choice and done.

This pin is ideal for:
The Minimalist. (Simple and clean.)
The Professional. (Sleek and upfront.)

Soft Enamel

Traditional and fun.

This pin is die struck, then the enamel paint is applied in between the raised metal edges. Due to some settling of the enamel as it dries, you can feel the raised metal slightly when you touch the pin.

This pin is ideal for:
The Traditionalist. (Looks and feels like “a lapel pin should.”)
The Economist. (Affordable cost without quality loss.)


The Champagne of pins.

This classy pin is die struck metal, filled with enamel and frit, which rises when heated, then is polished smooth, no epoxy needed. It’s the crème de la crème, when only the best will do.

This pin is ideal for:
The Refined. (Tasteful and sophisticated.)
The Connoisseur. (Elegant and superior.)

Off-set Digital

Unique and modern.

This pin is a smooth metal back in the shape of your choice, then it has the design printed on the flat metal. This is then covered with a smooth epoxy finish. While this doesn’t feel like a traditional lapel pin, it is a great new method for pin production. Due to the printed element, this pin can be full color and include gradients.

This pin is ideal for:
The Quickie. (Fast production time.)
The High Maintenance. (High detail possible with full color.)

Lapel Pins


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